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Are things getting a little HOT lately? Learn how to handle the burn of burn-out

battling burnout burn-out Jun 07, 2022

Today we were talking about battling burnout. I'm actually gonna be teaching a class to a group of realtors today about battling burnout. You know, it's something that I have come to realize is just a very prominent issue that so many people are battling right now. We're coming off of COVID and so many things have changed for so many people. I've just noticed as I've gone out and talked to people, that burnout seems to be one of the top, top topics that people want to learn how to overcome. I wish that I could say that I don't burn out anymore. I wish that I could say that I have battled it and won the war but I can't. You know, I still burn out, the difference is that while I still burn out the frequency of my burnout is way less. The length of my burnout time periods are way less. And it's all from a few strategies that have helped me. I'll share with you right here very quickly here. Remember that battling burnout is a practice. It is not a destination where we arrive and stay. It can happen again but hopefully you’ll have a few tools in your tool belt for the next time. We live in a high paced go, go, go society. So burnout is inevitable. Having a way to cope/work around, or work through our burnout is key. The first way to do that is through creating alignment within ourselves. Going back to our core values, what do you really, really, want in this in your life? Next, look at your beliefs and your thoughts. Things we tell ourselves, our actions and our attitudes. Are they all aligned with what we truly want? If the answer is no, then we're headed for burnout.

I hope you enjoy!

- Dan


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