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10 questions to ask yourself about personal development. #personaldevelopment Oct 05, 2022

Is it time?!

10 questions to ask yourself about personal development


Oh man… personal development. With so many self-help guru’s out there, it’s almost like the term...

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Are things getting a little HOT lately? Learn how to handle the burn of burn-out battling burnout burn-out Jun 07, 2022

Today we were talking about battling burnout. I'm actually gonna be teaching a class to a group of realtors today about battling burnout. You know, it's something that I have come to realize is...

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Ketchup days or catch up days? mindset productivity May 25, 2022

When I was in Elementary school, my teachers would hold occasional “catch up” days. For the longest time I couldn’t understand what “KETCHUP” had to do with anything...

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The Dad Games We Play coaching dad games dads May 20, 2022

Be sure to ^WATCH^ the FULL video on my YouTube channel and subscribe! Thank you 

Fore! Listen in as my friend Chris Driessen and I talk dad stuff, coaching and what success means to us...

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Men, you can change the world a better world begins within leadership men's mindset May 12, 2022

In my opinion, through the pursuit of perfectionism, we end up losing sight of the fact that life's little imperfections are what actually make life. Perfect. Have you ever thought about how weird...

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Nightbirde And The Golden Buzzer happiness men's life coaching men's mindset May 12, 2022

The other day I was watching a little tv before bed. My wife Allison sat down next to me and said, “I want you watch this video”. The video was a YouTube clip from...

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What a Zen Dad Is And Is Not dads dan gomer men's coaching zen dads zen lifestyle Jan 12, 2022

 A Zen dad is not a pushover or soft, just because we, as men or fathers, tap into this softer side of ourselves, this more relaxed, calm, chill, piece of ourselves does not mean that we are...

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Rising From The Ashes, To Being A Guiding Light For Men men's life coaching men's mindset Dec 03, 2021

Over the past decade, Johnny King has led multiple successful businesses. He's devoted his efforts to help men heal their emotional wounds and to improve their lives. Johnny rose, from the ashes...

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Inward Leadership: How Does it help you to leading others? a better world begins within leadership men's mindset Nov 18, 2021

Listen in as Mark and I talk about leadership, inward development and much more! "You're already leading and if you lead yourself well enough one day you'll get an opportunity to lead others" -...

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Parenting Support How To Give It And Accept It dads parenting Nov 10, 2021

Shout out to all my parents out there! You know how difficult it can be sometimes to deal with life as a parent. There’s an added layer to navigate so let’s talk about support…

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