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  • Personalized one-on-one consultation with Dan Gomer
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Please note: Your consultation is a stepping stone to professional growth and networking within the industry. Bookings are subject to availability and are designed to introduce you to the benefits of joining Dan's Home Team."

What People Are Saying:

Dan is an outstanding team leader, coach, agent, and public speaker! His support and guidance for our real estate team has been instrumental in our achievements and prosperity with eXp Realty. He truly is passionate about our success and is committed to building outstanding relationships.

Ann Marlin, Elevation

As a brand new agent, it was a very important and big decision for me choosing which brokerage to join. I chose eXp and, more specifically Dan Gomer's team for the education, simple platform, and the experienced people who have all the knowledge to help me succeed. I’ve been on the team now for a couple months, and absolutely love it. The best part has been all the support, the people and the positive mindset I am surrounded by.

Steven Schober

Dan's great leadership skills and advice changed my business almost overnight. Dan's real world advice and strategies mixed with his ability to inspire has led so many agents, like me, to a more fulfilling career, both financially and emotionally. Additionally, his team has countless experienced agents that I can call almost any time for tough situations. Plus, eXp Realty has the most accessible managing brokers of any company I’ve seen. Joining has provided me with countless resources but also a new set of amazing friends I know I'll keep for life.

Cody Devine